Gift Shop

The gift shop offers our own T shirts, sweatshirts and coffee mugs as well as products which come from organizations helping to promote sustainable communities through local economic development and organizations committed to promoting peace, justice and a nonviolent lifestyle.

– Pottery from Nicaragua

– Peace Sculptures (Romero, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, JFK, RFK, Memorial Stone for Unknown Civilians Killed in War, Emily the Cow)

– T- shirts

– Music

– Bumper stickers and Buttons

– Peace Seeds Rosaries

– Books and Periodicals

Also we will have copies of the newly reprinted Samantha Smith book ” Journey to the Soviet Union”. The books will be available for a donation of $20.00.

They can be purchased separately or together. Individuals in a classroom or school may want to give this as a holiday present to their school library or may want it for their own home. Please email or call Dot Walsh at 508-655-2143