Plaques, Wall Five, Back

6289303563_3697e95e5b_b-678x1024Occupy Boston

Gandhi statue used as a bulletin board for inspirational messages at Occupy Boston.  Above photo by Tim Pierce.  View his slide show of photos from Occupy Boston.

On October 10, 2011, the Boston demonstrators expanded a tent city onto an additional portion of the Rose Kennedy Greenway; starting around 1:20 AM the following morning, 141 people were arrested by the officers of the Boston Police Special Operations Unit.  Most of these cases were dismissed prior to arraignment with the agreement of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. Tents were pitched in the following days, and by October 15 the camp itself had consisted of about 90 tents on either side of a path the protesters named, “Main Street,” plus another two dozen or so tents divided up between the “Student Village” area and a strip of lawn the protesters named “Weird Street”.