Pacifist Living History Museum items were gifted to UMB and are on display at the Healey Library.


Museum Collection – Featured Items

Metal Tip from the first dismantled Soviet ICBM Nuclear Missile

A gift from the Moscow Women’s Peace Alliance.

Civil Disobedience Hammer

Gods of Metal Plowshares Action, May 17, 1998. Hammer used by Fr. Frank Cordaro, Catholic Worker House, Des Moines, IA. A gift from activist & Stonewalker, Karl Schlotterbeck.

Coat of Maha Ghosananda, Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia.

A gift from Maha Ghosananda, who participated in the multi-faith day of prayer in Assisi, Italy on October 27, 1986, with his holiness the Dalai Lama, representing Buddhism. He visited the Peace Abbey numerous times over a period of ten years and in 1996, bestow this gift.

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Zuccheto (skullcap) and eye glasses of the slain Salvadoran Archbishop. A gift from the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Providence in San Salvador.

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Swatch of the blood stained altar cloth of the slain Salvadoran Archbishop. A gift from the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Providence in San Salvador.

Sacred Relic of Santa Clara of Assisi

Bone fragment XIII Century with Vatican documentation; a gift from Catholic Lay person.

Hugh Thompson’s military hat, glasses and neck tie

American Soldier Hero, along with Larry Colburn and Glenn Andreotta, stopped the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in 1968. A gift from the Thompson family and Larry Colburn.

Peace Pilgrim’s blue tunic and sneakers

Placed at the Abbey by Ann and John Rush who founded Friends of Peace Pilgrim.

19th Century Russian Rosary made of salt

A gift from Arusiaks Karapet Abajian, patriarch of family from former Soviet Georgia who created the Courage of Conscience Award sculpture and Gandhi statue.

Franciscan Robe worn by revered monk

A gift from Franciscan Monastery in New York State .

Bracelets of Vietnam MIAs

Placed in the Abbey by wearers and activists.

The Accordian of Carlos Mejia Godoy

Presented by Carlos himself as a gift, on the evening before his son, Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, publicly announced his request for Conscientious Objector status.

“Bondage of War” Memorial

Created by Madeline Champagne, a wristband inscribed with the name, age, military rank, and date of death honors each of the U.S. military killed in Iraq.

A Place of Honor for POW/MIA Bracelets

In the prayerful setting of the Peace Abbey, a special place has been created for a piece of history from the Vietnam War–the POW/MIA bracelet. These metal bracelets were created to remember individuals taken as prisoners of war or missing in action during the Vietnam War. Inscribed on each is the name of a US service person and the date they were captured/missing. Many supportive Americans wore the bracelets during and after the conflict.On a table just outside the Abbey’s chapel, sunshine streaming in through a window sparkles off a growing collection of the bracelets. They are surrounded by books about the Vietnam Memorial Wall, a life size statue of Mother Teresa and numerous other objects from the major religions of the world. These remembrances, which may have been stored in a box or dresser drawer over the last 30 years now have a place of honor. Just as the POW/MIA flags continue to fly, the bracelets, which hold the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, can find a peaceful resting place.POW/MIA Bracelets may be sent to:The Peace Abbey2 North Main StreetSherborn, MA 01770