Archbishop Desmond Tutu receives the Courage of Conscience Award

Archbishop Desmond Tutu received the Courage of Conscience Award at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury, MA on May 23, at one of his final public appearances in the US.

Peace Abbey Chaplain Dot Walsh and St. John’s alumnus Bill Heuer made the presentation after the Archbishop spoke to Saint John’s faculty, students, alumni and guests.

Archbishop Tutu was moved with the Courage of Conscience Award statue, exclaiming, “Oh this is so beautiful!” Dot Walsh explained that the hands represented his hands that prayed for the suffering in the world due to oppression, poverty and war and the dove arising from the hands was the healing and reconciliation he brought to South Africa and to the world.

In his talk, Archbishop Tutu spoke about the connections of all people. He explained the African concept of ubuntu, that we can only achieve our full humanity through recognition of the humanity in all people, remarking to the audience, “You are all Africans.” As he was leaving many people exclaimed, “Ubuntu!”