Dover-Sherborn Patch: Two Teens Clown Around To Raise Money For Peace Abbey

Bianca Mase and Ollie Luey perform in front of Lyndell's Bakery in Cambridge MA

By Benjamin Paulin

With the Peace Abbey in Sherborn having recently staved off foreclosure, two teens are doing their part to help raise money for the Abbey.

Bianca Mase and Ollie Luey have been great friends since they were young.

Now 15, Ollie is a sophomore at Dover-Sherborn High School and Bianca is a sophomore at Medford High. Last year after the Peace Abbey Camp they came up with an idea to street perform in Harvard Square, Cambridge to raise money.

Bianca juggles while Ollie serenades her with the accordion. Together the duo dresses up in their black and white striped outfits and make-up to entertain the crowds of people walking by.

Just last week they made $57, which they donated to the Peace Abbey, while performing during the “Monday Night Movies” at the Lyndell’s Bakery in Central Square. They “played for peace” as movie enthusiasts gathered for a screening of the documentary “Peace and the Quiet” by Beth Balaban.

The two hope to continue to support the Peace Abbey as best as they can while having fun with their street performances.