September 11 Day of Remembrance

As we approach the tenth anniversary The Peace Abbey is planning a “Day of Remembrance” on Sunday, September 11th. The Peace Abbey will host a day long vigil from 8:45 AM to 5 PM, with the blessing ceremony beginning at Noon.

Remember to Remember September 11, a recording of the names of those who were killed on that day, will be broadcast from an outside speaker.

The event will include a rededication of the Memorial Stone for Unknown Civilians in its new setting in front of the Pacifist Memorial. The stone was first dedicated by Muhammad Ali on May 4th 1994 and since then replicated stones have traveled in the United States and several other countries. Clergy from many faith traditions and the general public will offer blessings and place flowers at the stone.

Invited guests and the general public will first gather outside the guesthouse and remain for 15 minutes of silence listening to the reading of the names. Then the gathered will proceed to the site of the Memorial Stone for the blessings and a short address. People are invited to bring flowers to place at the foot of the Memorial Stone.

Sherborn residents will begin the “Day of Remembrance” gathering at the fire station at 11:45 for a moment of silence and then walking to the Peace Abbey for the ceremony.